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Are you and your partner Planning for a pregnancy…

Preconception planning

Have you received rubella vaccination?

Rubella, or German measles, is an infectious virus. Fever, sore throat, gland enlargement, and rashes are symptoms of the flu. Not all afflicted individuals exhibit the above symptoms. People without symptoms can transmit the virus.

How does virus transmission occur?

Airborne fragments transmit pathogens. The virus induces rashes after two weeks. From one week prior to rash appearance to four days after, the condition is contagious.

How does rubella influence foetuses?

Nine out of ten infants with congenital rubella syndrome contract the virus during the first three to four months of gestation, when the mother lacks immunity.

Congenital rubella syndrome?

These dangerous conditions can impair a child's brain, eyes, hearing, or heart.

Are you safeguarded?

Rubella vaccination or two MMR injections administered three months apart offer protection. However, if you are dubious of your immunization status, you should undergo a blood Rubella IgG test prior to conceiving. If you test positive for Rubella IgG, you are immune to the virus and can plan a pregnancy.

Rubella IgG-negative?

If negative, procure the Rubella vaccination and plan pregnancy after three months.

What if I become pregnant immediately after vaccination?

Ideally, conception should occur at least one month after vaccination, but the vaccine does not cause congenital rubella syndrome.

What should expectant rubella-infected women do?

If you are expectant and susceptible to rubella, avoid children with flu-like symptoms or rashes. Vaccination cannot occur during pregnancy. Take the vaccine before departing the hospital after giving birth.

Vaccination during lactation poses no risk to the infant.

Before becoming pregnant, verify your immunity to rubella.

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