Advice and counselling before and during pregnancy.

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Preconception counselling in Bangalore

Preparing for pregnancy will help you figure out what might put you at risk and how to deal with medical issues. This encourages healthy decisions for both the baby and the mother. During preconception therapy, your medical, surgical, family, genetic, obstetric, and lifestyle histories will be talked about. A physical check is done along with measuring weight and blood pressure. Diet and exercise will also be discussed. We will check your blood for the Rubella virus, which can affect the unborn baby with serious congenital conditions.

Depending on the results of the test, you may be told to make changes to your lifestyle, stop taking certain medications, or get counselling to make sure you, your pregnancy and baby are healthy. Folic acid should be taken for two months before a birth. Vaccination will be advised if you are not immune to rubella.

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