Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

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    • Gestational hypertension—high Blood Pressure that occurs after week 20 and disappears after delivery.

    After week 20, gestational hypertension can cause preeclampsia which is High BP with protein in the urine.

    Will I get gestational hypertension?

    First-time parents and women whose sisters and mothers experienced pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) are more likely to develop gestational hypertension.

    • Women under 20 or over 40
    • Women with high blood pressure or kidney illness before pregnancy


    How is my pregnancy managed if I have PIH?

    If you have mild hypertension and your baby is underdeveloped, your doctor may suggest:

    • Rest on your left side to reduce the baby’s weight on the main blood vessels of the abdomen.
    • Increase prenatal checks.
    • Reduce salt.

    Your doctor may manage severe hypertension with blood pressure medication until you can deliver safely.

    How does gestational hypertension effect my baby?

    Mother’s placenta gives infant oxygen and nutrition. In pregnant hypertension, placental blood arteries constrict, reducing oxygen and food to the baby and affecting its growth. This reduces intrauterine growth and birth weight. Not all gestational hypertensive women have this. If controlled, moderate gestational hypertension does not affect the baby.

    Preeclampsia, caused by excessive hypertension, can harm mom and baby.

    Gestational hypertension affects my health how?

    Especially if your BP is uncontrolled or severe, it can affect your

    • kidneys, leading to medical renal disease,
    • cause convulsions called eclampsia,
    • retinal haemorrhage,
    • liver dysfunction,
    • abnormal blood clotting mechanism,
    • HELLP syndrome,
    • and pulmonary oedema, which causes breathlessness.


    Gestational hypertension cannot be prevented. Some causes of high blood pressure can be controlled.

    • Resting helps prevent gestational hypertension.
    • Regular exercise.
    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.


    If your doctor suspects gestational hypertension, they may prescribe medications.

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